The Instructor

I’ve lived so many lives. I’ve been so many different people.
But my biggest change has been my body.
I started out a normal size 6-8; but then food allergies began. We solved the food allergies and I slimmed down drastically with little to no muscle tone.
We bought a farm.
People always say that they’re “big boned” or “built sturdily.” In my personal case, I disagree. My body changed to accommodate the workload I’m doing.
The first photos are at the Hell Creek Ranch before we bought the farm. I have middle photos that are in-between. The last photo is me now. My chest shrunk but my arms grew. Maybe I’m no longer seen as the “Idealized Barbie Doll,” but now, I feel like a Warrior Woman who can take on anything. I’ve never felt this strong in my entire life. I’m proud of my body and the fact that I can shoot arrows from horseback (We’re gonna do it again soon), pound in t-posts, build and rip down fences, dig post holes, and pick up 50lb sacks of feed without trouble. I can and will do/fix/build anything around my farm.
I love my body. I try to be a positive role model in everything I do, sharing Unconditional Positive Regard for all of my students and reinforcing the idea of taking initiative. Be the best “you” that you can be. Be helpful, honest, kind, and above all, “Do Good.” (-Mr. Feeny, Boy Meets World.)

I’m grateful for the life I lead and appreciate every day as it comes.

Every day is the Best Day Ever. 

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