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Twist and Applejack

Twist looking after Jack

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Photos of Firefly Life

The tiny feather-fluffs hop and chirp and cheep. These ping-pong balls of energy peck and poke and scratch.

They’re so much fun. I’m in love.

I bought 3 types of female chickens (pullets) this year. The breeds are 5 Aurucanas, like Nugget; 4 ISA Browns, and 4 Black Laced Wyandotte.

Erika, Sherin and I visited the Farm store, and there they were. Cute and cuddly and I couldn’t wait to own some. The ladies helped me pick out babies. We brought them back home, but then I panicked when our old chicken container wouldn’t come loose from the ice and snow.


So we ended up pilfering the water trough from Suzi Q.’s pasture. Now that she’s in with the ponies, there’s no reason to keep it running. We hosed it off, scrubbed it out, and brought it into my living room.

(I didn’t warn the husband ahead of time. It’s just better for him not to know until the deed is done.)

We started with 13 chickens. The little ladies all made it through the first few nights, and I’m hoping they all survive.

So far, our chicks are named Rusty, GlenCoco, Lea, and Noname.

I bought a new saddle for Twist, and it fits Honey, too. Within this gallery, there are photos of Twist wearing this new saddle.

But mostly, the photos below are of our fluff-balls.

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Spread a Little Sunshine

Yes, that line’s from the musical Pippin, and it’s sung by a villain–but it’s a nice phrase.

No matter what evidence I present to the contrary, Diva firmly believes I am a tree.


Poor Twist. He had his first bath yesterday since arriving at Firefly Farm, and he had to wear Honey’s blanket to stay warm. I could almost feel the scathing heat from his eyes as he shouted “Oh, the humanity! To be wearing a blanket embroidered in pink?! You bawling, blasphemous, incharitable dog!” (I don’t know how Twist is able to quote Shakespeare in my head, but that’s his quirky side coming out.)

Girls have cooties, Mom! Why do I have to wear a girl's blanket?

The cold weather would’ve made him freeze if not for this “girly blankie.”

He’s very white now. It’s amazing to see the difference.

Sidney sported a delightfully masculine maroon blanket last night.

Braveheart braved the cold with a lush “au natural” coat of palomino and dazzling white.

The kitties also got in on the Fall Fashion Show.

The girls also decided to stay nude in the pasture. Melody, of course, being the exception.

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Paradise Estate

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As a child, I remember pulling all the dining room chairs from the table and tugging a white sheet over them. I created my own private kingdom where I read stories of far-away lands and played with My Little Ponies.

Today created an odd sense of deja-vu. The sky is dove grey, as if The Universe threw a giant sheet over the trees to create a cocoon around Firefly Farm. I fed/watered/petted/hugged/loved on the ponies.

However, my kingdom isn’t solitary. Instead of using my imagination to create pony personalities, everyone came with their own. When I hugged Twist, Dusty, Lexi, Melody,¬†and Honey this morning, they hugged me back. Bandit, my faithful, loyal little Border Collie, helped “manage’ the barn and keep me on task.

I can come inside the house, approximately 100 yards from the barn, and read the day away if I wish.

And I have the most faithful companion of all–The Husband. He supports my horse habit, loves me unconditionally, and keeps encouraging me to follow my dreams.

I don’t need to put up a tent to imagine a perfect world anymore. I live there.

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