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National Poetry Month

The Promise of Spring

by Me

Winds whistle and sigh

Leaves tumble and fly,

Forgotten from fall

Drifting toward the barn wall.

Though winter’s cold bite

Still lingers at night.

Horses frolic and play

Chickens gossip and lay

Green pokes through black earth

Promising spring’s rebirth.

April’s rain and sunlight

Once again win the fight.

The planting time’s soon

We’ve shed winter’s cocoon.

There’s a song in the air

All is gentle and fair.

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You’re It

The ponies frolic, bucking and dancing with tails high as they realize which gate is open. They snort and fuss and play. Melody takes the lead, galloping through, and Savannah quickly follows. They “tag” each other in a merry chase. Honey chooses to trot, head high, sniffing the air. She abruptly turns and nickers, her attention drawn to Lexi across the fence. They nuzzle, and at once are racing parallel, the fence all but forgotten.

A pair of ducks has adopted us. They enjoy the pond between the horse pastures.

In other news, we’ll be losing one boarder on Saturday only to gain a different boarder on Sunday. Coffee is off to new adventures at Sandhill Stable, and on Sunday, we’ll be gaining a large Palomino mare. Her name currently is Sable, but the owner has decided to change the name to Glory. (Which, I must say, I like better.)

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