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Buttercup’s Poem

I wrote this poem for Martina’s colleague, Janet. Enjoy.



She loves attention, is cute and sweet

You see her photo, want to meet

She fools you as she bats her eyes

With peppermint breath she nickers lies


You’d think she is a dream to ride

“No bucking here!” you’d think with pride

A mare in all her glory gleams

Saddled and ready, so it seems


The pony’s eyes glint wickedly

You mount, only too late to see

She’s ready to give you a “ride”

She walks with flowing, measured stride


But leads? And turns? Prepare, my dear!

Her silly stunts create some fear.

You will have falls, some tricks and turns

You’ll ride ‘till every muscle burns.


If you’re green, stay off this girl

She’ll have fun making your hair curl.

She’ll be such fun if you ride true

Otherwise you’ll end up black-and-blue.

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Snarky Poetry in a Contest

  There was a poetry competition on a website yesterday, and it said you had to mention “Absorbine” and “Show Sheen” in the poem. If you won, you’d get an Absorbine product. I don’t know if I won, but I re-worked an old poem to make it fit. Martina will recognize this one. 🙂

Turn Out


I got a ribbon from the last horse show

I didn’t expect it. Why? I don’t know.

I arrived at the stable the day of the show

Prepared to brush her out, and to make her glow


She didn’t come forward when I walked to her stall

My pony, dearest pony was not there at all.

With a sinking dread I walked into the yard,

Praying she was there, my heart beating hard.


I called for my pony, the dirty pasture grim,

Expecting the best, but my hopes grew dim.

On her rush to the gate, puddles shone on the ground

Of course she plowed through ‘em, it made quite a sound.


She’d itched through her sleezy—it left me with doubt.

I worried, in fact, that her braids did fall out

Her pretty white blaze from forehead to nose

Was covered in bran mash. (The least of my woes.)


Those brilliant white socks were both brown and grey

And covered in grass stains—she rolled on her hay.

I sighed and I haltered, cussing at my luck

Showing after this mess? That would take some pluck.


Using Absorbine products, I gave her a bath

(Whoever turned her out would deserve my wrath!)

I scrubbed and I rinsed, and toweled her dry,

And reached for my Showsheen, my hopes still not high.


My poor ugly duckling turned swan in a blink

I looked at my watch—we had no time to think!

We loaded and reached the show office in time,

(To be excluded now would be a true crime!)


I dressed in a hurry, and tacked up my girl,

No frills and no extras, did my class in a whirl.

My beautiful pony won a lovely first place

Then after we won? I saw dirt on my face.

Thanks for reading my poem!

 I’m going to put a sign in front of my house that says “Pony Rides $5.” I need to drum up some business any way I can, and if I can get some families in here, all the better. I hope that Mid Michigan Family Theatre’s show brings in some business for me, and maybe the ad I put in the Annie program, too. We could use extra income. Starting a business is pricey.

   Melody overall is ok. The flap of skin from her cornea is just gone. Her eye looks painful. Darrin did the same thing to his eye a while back and said it’s excrutiatingly painful. She blinks too much, and it’s still a bit swollen. I gave her banamine yesterday and it seemed to help a little. No banamine today yet, as I think I’ll give it to her with a little mid-day snack. I do not want to give her an ulcer. The trade off is that the girls are going to get spoiled with all the food I’m giving out. However, I have to say that Savannah needs it. She needs a good 50lbs at least before I’ll be happy with her size, and then she needs another 25 or so before she’s ready for winter. That’s 75lbs before Halloween.

  :) The girls are out in the L shaped pasture this morning, and since it’s a little more sparse than the RAM pasture, I’m planning to keep them out there most of the day. They need to trim that pasture down and keep the grass down. Once we get up the RAM fence across the driveway, their area will become about 40 feet longer with a tapering width starting at 60 feet and ending at 20 feet. They’ll love it.

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