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[Hay] Good Lookin’

Grab a fork and some Ranch Dressing.

The new load of hay, freshly delivered from Riley Peck at Peck Farm in Leslie, is so delicious you’d want to dive in. Twirl it around a fork like spaghetti. (Not really. Humans can’t digest grass.)

However, every last scrap is snarfed, devoured, licked, chewed, and inhaled by 11 hungry ponies. They love the meadow, they love grazing on fresh grass, but Riley’s second-cutting Meadow hay is a close second.

The load isn’t large. Hay costs $10 per bale instead of the $5 I paid last year. These are hefty 50 pound bales, but we go through hay like kids go through candy. Riley found a farm up north willing to sell him a large load, so the next time hay arrives, we’ll have a full barn. This small load is an “in-betweener.”

The next-door neighbor, Mike, is still hoping to get a 2nd cutting on his hay, but it’s not very promising at this point. The midwestern drought created many problems. There are Facebook groups who are pooling resources and sending Semi-Trucks out to Colorado and the Dakotas to bring hay into Indiana and Illinois. There’s a Michigan group who have a “Hay Finder” network. It’s incredible how different the hay situation is this year versus last year. It’s downright discouraging.

Thank God for Riley. He’s working hard to keep us in the green.

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