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Buttercup’s Poem

I wrote this poem for Martina’s colleague, Janet. Enjoy.



She loves attention, is cute and sweet

You see her photo, want to meet

She fools you as she bats her eyes

With peppermint breath she nickers lies


You’d think she is a dream to ride

“No bucking here!” you’d think with pride

A mare in all her glory gleams

Saddled and ready, so it seems


The pony’s eyes glint wickedly

You mount, only too late to see

She’s ready to give you a “ride”

She walks with flowing, measured stride


But leads? And turns? Prepare, my dear!

Her silly stunts create some fear.

You will have falls, some tricks and turns

You’ll ride ‘till every muscle burns.


If you’re green, stay off this girl

She’ll have fun making your hair curl.

She’ll be such fun if you ride true

Otherwise you’ll end up black-and-blue.

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