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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates from Firefly Farm make excellent presents for any holiday.

Send us a check for the desired lessons/camp/party, and a gift certificate will promptly be sent to the address of your choice. A small note of “Do not open until Christmas” can be written on the outside of the envelope.

Lessons–set of 4 one-hour lessons –$100

One-hour long lesson–$30

Camp–certificate for any amount toward camp for the next summer (maximum of $200)

Pony Ride–a five minute pony rides is $5

Please support our small business.

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Smoky Joe

  Tonight, I was teaching a lesson and suddenly I heard a “mrrroww?”  Smoky Joe came home after all! I just wanted to let everyone know, in case you were wondering about him. My heart is filled with joy. Part of the joy is because I had an excellent ride on Melody this evening (bareback tempi changes!) but most of my joy is from Smoky Joe. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! I gave him an entire can of moist cat food and as much dry cat food as he could eat. He seems relatively happy. We’ll hope he sticks around.

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