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Honey’s First Show

Honey needed a bridle. She had an equi-leather bridle, but she needed one made of real leather. In preparation for her first show last Saturday, we ordered a new bridle for her.









Honey had a bath on Friday night, and afterward I braided her mane and tail and put a sleezy on her.






















We went to a benefit show in Marshall, MI courtesy of Sara Heaton, owner of Sandalwood Ranch. She was kind enough to trailer Honey and I, along with one of her horses, Maddie.

Honey and I went for a bareback ride through the fairgrounds before showing. We were tromping around, exploring the various aspects of the fairground, when we were stopped in our tracks by a call from the judging booth. The announcer said that the first horse to reach the booth and show off a trick would win a prize. We couldn’t resist. She showed off “yes” and “no” and a step of Spanish Walk.






















Honey was calm, cool, and collected. She performed beyond any of my expectations of a horse at her first show.

She was also very good, considering I had two different lengths of stirrup. I checked my stirrups three or four times because I could swear they were off. I counted the holes over and over, and both were on hole 8. Hole 8! Too bad they weren’t even. She was a good sport.

We ended up with Seventh Place, two different times, out of 10 horses total. Not bad for her first show. Her head bobbed up and down a lot, and she stopped once in a corner, but otherwise she was terrific. Unfortunately we didn’t get ribbons. We were given plastic cups as keepsakes. Perhaps cups are more useful than ribbons, but not as exciting.

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