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The Aftermath

I love April Fools Day.

Here are Firefly Farm’s jokes from April 1:

Prank #1–Successful–TWICE!: Dr. Tavernier came over today to give Melody an injection. As she was leaving, the husband came to the barn and was understandably concerned as to why the vet was here. I informed him that one of our old (male) boarders had impregnated a mare at Sandhill, and that when the Doctor checked Honey, she was pregnant as well. I played this joke on my best friend later in the day.

Prank #2–Successful:I convinced the kids the best way to make horse markings white was to use a crayon. I have lovely photos of all the kids “coloring” horse markings on each horse.

It was a lovely day.

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“…And in the foreground the fields were fixed in fire…” – N. Scott Momaday

   For those aware of the above quote’s origin, please disregard its context. Instead, appreciate that it was the most appropriate burning imagery I could remember. 

   The little dog was an excellent manager today. Morale was high and work continued from dawn until dusk. Technically, she only managed the husband. I was watching over the burning leaf piles. Piles, not pile. We burned leaves in the triangular pasture as well as the new pasture today. The new pasture behind the barn had an enormous pile of brush, and we burned 2/3 of the massive heap. Afterward, the best friend came over and we went to Family Farm and Home. She helped me haul grain and shavings from the store to the car to the barn.

   I had an excellent day. It was spent almost entirely outside, which makes me happy. The husband is always in a good mood during these days. It seems he doesn’t mind stepping out of his comfort zone to help out. He raked leaves and hauled food and moved burnables around like a champ.

    A volunteer came this afternoon and helped out with stall picking and chores this evening. In the middle of all that, she had a lesson, too. She and the best friend rode in the arena together and did a great job communicating and cooperating. (Suddenly I feel like a Kindergarten teacher creating report cards.) In any case, I love how my boarders here are so compassionate for other riders in the arena. They’re caring and kind. I haven’t had a single problem with anyone. Even after Senorita’s owner left manure in the arena yesterday and I teased her today, she razzed me right back–then helped out with chores around the barn. I love my boarders.

   And I love knowing that we’re almost done burning all those darned leaves.

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