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Paradise Estate

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As a child, I remember pulling all the dining room chairs from the table and tugging a white sheet over them. I created my own private kingdom where I read stories of far-away lands and played with My Little Ponies.

Today created an odd sense of deja-vu. The sky is dove grey, as if The Universe threw a giant sheet over the trees to create a cocoon around Firefly Farm. I fed/watered/petted/hugged/loved on the ponies.

However, my kingdom isn’t solitary. Instead of using my imagination to create pony personalities, everyone came with their own. When I hugged Twist, Dusty, Lexi, Melody,¬†and Honey this morning, they hugged me back. Bandit, my faithful, loyal little Border Collie, helped “manage’ the barn and keep me on task.

I can come inside the house, approximately 100 yards from the barn, and read the day away if I wish.

And I have the most faithful companion of all–The Husband. He supports my horse habit, loves me unconditionally, and keeps encouraging me to follow my dreams.

I don’t need to put up a tent to imagine a perfect world anymore. I live there.

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