1. Aubr(e)y without an “E”–it’s ALL AUBRY’S FAULT.

“Do you forget about me during the winter?”

Aubry (Without an “e”–but that’s another story) abandons us every winter to go back home to Virginia.

“We couldn’t possibly forget about you Aubry. We’re going to blame everything on you from now on.”

We took remembering Aubry to a whole other level. There’s a clipboard and notebook next to the front door and we write down each time we blame something on Aubry.

Aubry is practically Harry Potter around Firefly Farm. Everyone knows of her but few are fortunate enough to meet her. She’s half unicorn (she has to be–have you SEEN her amazing mane of hair?!) 3/4 mini-me and all fun.

What’s Aubry’s fault? Everything. Everything is Aubry’s fault.

8/17/18: Today, it was Aubry’s fault that I found wasps in one of the T-Posts. I bet she sent them from Virginia to show she misses me. A wasp for every time she thinks to herself, “Aww, I miss my friends in Michigan.” (Because DARN, there were a LOT of wasps. 😉 )

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