Pony Ride – $7 for 3 laps around the indoor arena or 1 lap around the outdoor arena (outside on nice days only.) Additional riders getting their own pony ride are $5 per rider.

Training – $60 per week here at the farm (on top of board costs.)

Camps – See Summer Camp page for more information, but there is a $100 down payment which goes toward the final cost of camp. This deposit is non-refundable–camps fill FAST! Foals Camp is $290; Fillies Camp is $395; Mustang Camp is $425. Discounts and bartering (trading goods or services in exchange for partial camp costs) are available.

Down Payment for Summer Camp

This down payment can ONLY be paid after securing your Camp slot with Sarah. If you haven’t spoken with Sarah first, do not pay this non-refundable down payment until after Sarah guarantees that your child has a slot at summer camp–Foals, Fillies, or Mustangs.


Lessons – FIRST lesson is $60 for an hour and a half long introductory lesson (which does include riding!)

BRAND NEW Students–First Lesson

Brand new students have an hour and a half first lesson where they learn about horses, horse psychology and how to groom. Lessons never expire and don’t have to be used in any particular time frame.


Additional lessons–$125/4 lessons or $35/lesson.


Four Lesson Gift Certificate

Four Sessions of horse knowledge from: Firefly Farm LLC 3180 Hagadorn Road Mason, MI 48854 Please call 517-332-7669 for scheduling availability. Taught by our Certified Teacher: English, Western, Sidesaddle, Driving, Small jumps, Dressage, Gymkhana/games, Cross Country, Bridle less, Lunge line lessons, Psychology, Math, Science, History, English, Horse Anatomy, Vocabulary, Record Keeping, and more! Unfortunately, PayPal takes a portion of the cost for itself as fees, so I need to charge a little more online than I would for a simple check or cash. Thanks for your understanding!


Homeschoolers earn a discount September through May of $10 for the first hour and a half lesson ($50 instead of $60.) Each additional lesson is $30 (instead of $35.) Additional sets of 4 lessons after the child has taken their first lesson with me are $105 (instead of $125.) Homeschool lessons must be taken between 9am and 2pm, September through May.

First lesson Homeschool

This is to buy a private, hour-and-a-half-long introductory lesson for individual homeschool students.


Homeschool set of 4 lessons

This is for a set of 4 lessons for Homeschool students.


Pony Parties – $20 per child–no exceptions. If adults wish to ride, it is an additional $5 per adult rider. There is no charge otherwise for non-riding adults.

Boarding for Incoming boarders – Indoor board – $475/month;  Outdoor Board – $375/month. Once you’ve come into the farm at a particular rate, you aren’t charged a higher board fee for up to five years–you’re locked in to that price if you continually board your horse here. If you move the horse from the property (i.e. take them to another barn for a month or two) then the new rate applies.

Gatherings – Family Reunions, Picnics, Sororities, Entertaining- $10 per person for all adults and kids in attendance. This includes the ability to have a campfire, set up volleyball nets (that you bring) or eat a meal here (at our picnic table, or bring your own seating.) We have a bathroom (with a toilet, sink, and shower) and a kitchen (with a microwave, sink, fridge and freezer) in the tack room. You can bring ice cream cakes or soda and store them in the refrigerator. (Alcohol is not allowed on the premises.) If you decide you’d like to have horse and pony rides available, rides can be arranged at $5 per person for 3 laps around the indoor arena or 1 lap around the outdoor arena. Horse and pony rides aren’t included in the use of the premises unless prearranged with the barn owner.


4 thoughts on “Prices

  1. Donna McInerney

    I love your site and would like to talk to someone about having a Birthday party. My youngest daughter will be turing 8 and she loves horses!! It is all she talks about! Please let me know how I would get in touch with someone to set this up.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,
    Donna McInerney
    home phone 517-347-6453

  2. Stacy M Bakken

    Hi there, my daughter is turning Five at the end of May. I wanted to check availability, we are thinking about ten riding children. Is there a waiver for parents to sign ahead of time? Love this idea and think it will make for e memorable fifth birthday. Thank you for info 🙂

    • Stacy,
      If you’d like to set up a Birthday Party, the pony rides are included, plus, the kids can take a tour and either paint a pony or watch my horses do tricks. The total cost for that is $15 per child with no added extras.
      There is a waiver that must be signed ahead of time. If you send me your email address or stop by in person, I can give one to you so you can send it out.
      If you only want the kids to have pony rides, that’s fine, too. Please call to set up a time and date. 517-332-7669.

      • Stacy M Bakken

        That’s great Sarah, thank you for the information! I will call 4/24 to give more details and find out availability! 🙂

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