Pony Parties

We provide the location, entertainment, and the horses–or unicorns–or even random “other animals” (for example, we can have horses in lycra zebra or tiger suits. Think it sounds fun? Yeah, it’s AMAZING.) You provide extras, such as a cake, and gifts for the birthday girl or boy. Some ideas for pony parties can be: Watch a Trick Horse Perform, Wild West, Princess or Prince/Medieval, My Little Pony (See Below) “Magical Unicorn,” Horse Games (Horses bobbing for apples, horse relays), Relaxed Country birthday (games related to country living), Rodeo Queen, Horse Showing, “Painted Ponies” (with tempera paint) and many more. Tell me about your child, his or her likes and dislikes, and we can figure out a very special birthday party. Each party is customized to the individual child.  Each party MUST be prepaid. Prices are $20 per child, which includes a pony ride. There is NO CHARGE for non-riding adults. Parties generally last 1 1/2-2 hours.

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Do you have someone in your life who LOVES My Little Ponies? Probably not as much as I love My Little Ponies. I collected them in the 1980’s, never sold my collection, and continue to add ponies all the time.

I know them. I know their symbols.

And I LOVE to create parties around these ponies.

We paint cutie marks representing My Little Ponies (either modern or retro, your choice) on the horses we use for pony rides. Then we have a party! If it’s for a birthday or just for fun, we can accommodate.

The party is $20 per child, which includes attendance and one pony ride. That means for $20 per child with no hidden costs, you can have a memorable and fun event that your child will remember forever.

Please contact me at 517-332-7669 for available dates and times.

We’re 2 miles south of Michigan State University.

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