Firefly Farm Schooling Show: Shows are open for anyone to watch, but are mainly a “horse recital with ribbons.” These are fun shows open only to current Firefly Farm lesson students.

Next Shows: TBD


Girls in Show











*This photo is of Isabella, Ashley, and Nicole from our Western show in April 2014.

Only riders who currently board their horses or take lessons at Firefly Farm are eligible to ride or take part in this show.

Each class is $15 to enter for regular classes. Payment must be made as early as possible to ensure entry into the show.

Horses available for each class are first-come, first served. If there are more entries than horses available, the class will be split—i.e., another class will be formed from the “spillover” entries, and those in the secondary class will be awarded ribbons as if this were an entirely separate class.

Show clothes are available from Sarah in all sizes from extremely tiny children up to adult. Show clothes cost $10 to rent from Sarah, and this, too, is first-come, first-served. Show clothes are more about photographic potential than they are about placing in classes.
All entrants MUST wear helmets and are not allowed to carry whips or wear spurs.

Judging is by Sarah, and ribbons are awarded for first through sixth place, with some honorable mentions. Questioning the judge’s decision is one of the most rude things you can do during a show. Don’t do it.

AWARDS                                                                                                                                                               Rosettes with the Firefly logo and name will be awarded to the 1-6 place winners in each class. They’re available to view in the tack room.

Please email or call Sarah. Only students who register and are current students are eligible to show.


2 thoughts on “HORSE SHOW

  1. Tiffany

    Hello, we have chatted before about joining our barn for a horse show. We both have the same philosophy about horse shows. Being a recital with ribbons. Are you able to bring a group of students showing and sharing lesson horses? Starting this week I am doing an 8 week course on showing (this week is showmanship) and teaching them all about the classes. And then I am putting on a mock horse show (complete with ribbons) to show their friends and family what they have learned. NONE of these guys have ever showed a horse before and most are on their first year of riding. I’d love to have a fun show with others for fun. Would you be interested in coming and playing with us? I am in webberville. You can even help me make up the class list according to what would benefit your students too. The date I have started telling my students is June 03. Horse sharing is just fine as mine will be shared too. My large outdoor is 100×300 and my smaller(what would be the practice ring) is 80×130 and I have a small indoor too (good for lounging) my students and families are respectful and fun. And would be welcoming and encouraging of your families. Sportsmanship and safety is most promoted. Everything is all in fun. These horses are NOT show horses. And most are in their late 20’s,early 30’s. I would like to limit the competitors to just lesson students who use their lesson horse as opposed to people who own and show their own (1 or 2 who own their own would be fine,but not a whole barn full) let me know what you think!

    Tiffany (Hidden Creek Stables)

    • Tiffany!
      YAY! I would love to see what’s happening around your farm. Are you the only instructor now, or are there others at your farm? I saw your website and wondered about how much the four different clubs show–holy cow! Busy busy, lady! 😀
      I would love to bring my students over, but I still don’t have a trailer. I’ll have to see what I can borrow, and I have it on my schedule with a question mark next to it. Thanks for the invitation. We’ll get there eventually. 😉

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