Girl Scouts/Badge programs

Cost: $10 for non-riders (Daisies or Brownies to do “stations” around the indoor arena) OR for riding: $20 per child, $20 per adult. (You provide the badges.) Siblings are welcomed to join, and if they want to ride it’s an additional $10 (for non-riders) or $20 (for riders.) This is to ensure that if they’re in the arena following the other kids that it helps to cover our insurance.

Availability: Year-round. We have an insulated barn and a lovely indoor arena.

Some of the best days of my life were spent at Camp Anna Behrens, a Girl Scout Camp in Greenville, Michigan. I went there for 11 summers; 5 as a camper, 6 as a counselor. I loved being the Assistant Horse Riding Instructor with my friends Heather, Natasha, and Sarah (people varied depending on the year.) I learned so much, and this has experience contributed more to who I am today than any other in my life.

Heavy praise? No, simply the complete truth. Girl Scouting gives girls the chance to try something new. Make a friend. Become independent. Rely on others. Girl Scouting is unique, exciting, and full of fun.

I taught many skills at camp, and the girls earned badges based on acquired skills. I gave many, many badge speeches and became adept at working with the skill sets in front of us. Not every girl is perfect at math, not everyone is excellent at art.

I am currently the Girl Scout badge coordinator at Riverwalk Theatre, near Impression 5, in Lansing. I also personally teach each and every Girl Scout badge program here at Firefly Farm. Simply provide me your requirements for the badge you wish to earn (for example, horse lover,) and I will teach.

If you should decide to have programs at both Riverwalk Theatre and Firefly Farm, you will be offered extra time at Firefly Farm to have an activity. This may be as simple as creating a “jump” course that the girls go over (on foot,) or as complicated as a relay race while leading horses over obstacle courses.

With younger kids, we often provide three to four “stations” where the kids can try different horse-related activities. We’ve set up “saddle stations” where the kids can try an English, Western, and Side Saddle; another where they can learn to groom; another where they learn the parts of the horse, saddle, and bridle; another where they can learn how to lead the horse safely, or another  where they can learn to saddle a horse.


Each student attending a Girl Scout badge event MUST have a signed permission/release form before a parent leaves Firefly Farm. We are insured here, so in order to participate in any activity a release form is MANDATORY. NO EXCEPTIONS. If your child does not have a release form signed by a parent/guardian before the parent/guardian leaves the property, the child will not be able to participate in the planned activities for the day.

This is a photo of me and my friends at Camp Anna Behrens. I’m the awkwardly tall blonde sitting on the right hand side in the blue/green shirt.

Videos of Girl Scouts at Firefly Farm LLC; Mason, MI.:
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