Donating Paper

If you’d like to contribute paper for our animals, please keep the paper flat (try not to wad it up into a ball.) Our shredder is only capable of taking smooth pieces. We take any and all staple-less items (magazines, newspapers, old homework sheets, etc.) and use it all year round.  If you’d like to drop it off, you can do so on our front porch. There’s a large box for this purpose. Thank you so much for your generosity and thinking of our animals. If you’re considering lessons/camps/parties with us, please contact me at

Location: 3180 Hagadorn Road, Mason, MI 48854

Sarah and Applejack

Sarah with Applejack the rescue foal

We have a small operation here. Six stalls, eleven horses, eight cats, two turkeys, twenty-ish ducks and the same amount of chickens. (If you’d like to see the animals, go to the top of the page in the big tan box where it says “Meet the Animals.”)

We have two shredders capable of taking 24 sheets of paper at a time. Who shreds the paper? Me. (If you’d like to see me, please go to the top of the page in the big tan box where it says “The Instructor.”)

We shred metal-less, staple-less paper–anything–magazines, phone books, newspapers, birthday cards that didn’t contain any money–anything that’s recycleable. We use this as bedding instead of buying sawdust. It’s a little more work, but it doesn’t cost us anything and breaks down into the most beautiful dark, rich soil you’ve ever seen. We put the used bedding and manure in buckets, and the neighbor hauls it away for use on his fields. We also use it for our garden.

Sparkly stalls


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