*NEW* Barn Improvements

2011 to 2015 – Creating Pastures behind the Indoor Arena: Before: There were no fences behind the barn other than the no-climb surrounding the property. There was a layer of barbed wire across the top of the no-climb, so I removed it ALL. There is no more barbed wire at Firefly Farm.

2011 t0 2015 – Pastures: In the Middle of Creating: We went from no fences to creating a single pasture, then a second pasture, and then a lane around each pasture preventing the horses from reaching across the fences to sniff noses.

2015: Fences: Now the fences have driving lanes between each pasture and around the perimeter of the property. This makes it much safer for us to walk between the pastures and throw hay over the fence to the horses even when there are horses still in the pastures. This also makes it useful so that we can ride between the pastures and ride in the water when we take trail rides to the meadow.

Imported 8.1.15 302

2011: Pasture Shelter: Before: We only had one shelter behind the barn.



2011: Pasture Shelter: Beginning: We bought a 2-stall shelter and built it ourselves up until this point.







2011: Pasture Shelter: Finished (Front; Back): We paid a handiman to finish the shelter.







2011: We painted the old shelter in the pasture:

2012: The Outdoor Arena and Fence Across the Driveway:  Before: There was nothing to prevent horses from reaching the road until we put up RAMM brand fence.

2012: The Outdoor Arena and Fence across the Driveway: After: There’s now a lovely 200′ x 150′ fenced outdoor arena, as well as a fence and double gate across the driveway to prevent horses from reaching the road.


2013/2014 – Hydrants: One on the left side of the barn in the RAMM; One in the boys’ pasture.

2014: Light on the Back of the Barn: This light didn’t work when we bought the facility; we had a new light installed.




2015: New Sand in the Indoor Arena: Before: There was no sand in the indoor arena. It was dusty and dry and hard; and when we first moved in, there was a groundhog who had a number of dens and holes in the floor.

2015: Indoor Arena: After: The new sand is a lot less dusty, and it’s softer for horses and people to walk on.

2015: Before: There was an ENORMOUS fireplace in the tack room. It took up almost the entire space.If you look through the door to the bathroom, you can also see the original tack room color–blue. We painted the tack room (mostly Trudie–thanks, Trudie!) and the fireplace.

2015: Now the Fireplace is a memory. YAY! In the middle:

2015: The Fireplace is GONE. Where we once had a giant fireplace, there are twelve saddles.





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