The Disappearing Bun

The cage meowed.

“That’s quite a trick,” I said. “Bunnies don’t meow. When did you learn how to talk fluent cat, you little magician?”

No little grey and white bunny appeared.

“Sir Hops A Lot Freight Train The First?” I asked. “Bunny boy? Where are you?”

I gasped as Rue kitty sped from the open enclosure.  The whole front of the cage was open, and there was no bunny.

“BUN!” I yelled. “Sir Hops A Lot–where are you?”

No blood. No tracks. No bun.

No Bun.

I wandered, searching for paw prints in the snow. No tracks.

But also–no blood.

“Where’s my little boy?” I thought. “I need a magic wand to make him reappear.”

I left the cage door open as I went in to lunch.

I ate, relaxed, and then came out to the barn in the evening.

Sir Hops A Lot Freight Train The First huddled in his enclosure in his nest.

“Did you hop away from home?” I asked him. “Where have you been, you goofball?! You gave me a heart attack.”

He twitched his nose, but otherwise, stayed curled in a little bunny-ball. I imagine he replied, “I apologize. I heard ‘Abracadabra’ and was called to appear from a Magician’s hat–but otherwise, I promise that I came right back.”


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