Random Changes at Firefly Farm

We have a cool new sign on the gate thanks to a random Etsy search.


We’ve completely renovated the tack room’s feed area. We’ve also renamed our pastures in honor of places at Camp Anna Behrens, my old Girl Scout Camp.

I’m adding a backsplash to the bathroom sink, had a boarder kindly sort and label as well as rubber band all of the boots in our boot library, and was given a drawing by a three year old featuring me, “Miss Sarra Teach.”

Bubbles the Border Collie Puppy is now six months old. She loves Sir Hops A Lot Freight Train.

We also had the front grass paved to make more parking.

How many Four Leaf Clovers can YOU see in the photo? We have them all over Firefly Farm.

We’ve added horses to Firefly Farm’s boarder roster. Our new horses are Faith, the Fleabitten grey; as well as Eowyn, the Gold Champagne Palomino.

We had four fledgling Barn Sparrows in our aisle bird nest. They have (in the three days since this picture) grown up and flown away.

While the tractor was in for repair, Flower helped me to move some compost and manure around. She seemed pleased to be useful.


I bought a new two-wheeled garden cart for farm use, and it’s the perfect size for a hay bale. Everyone prefers this to a wheel barrow.

I sent the second Tintype to Sunny Poffenbarger along with a pressed four-leaf clover, and she was so delighted that she sent me a gift. I’m lucky to have the Universe send so many amazing people my way.

We also now have electrified chicken fence. Hooray! Those pesky foxes, coyotes, mink, raccoons, and opossums will have to go elsewhere for their meals.


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