Victorian Days in Grand Ledge

Last Saturday, we had an adventure at the Island in Grand Ledge. I was asked to perform with my side saddle, in costume.

I can do that.

We brought Bubbles, Lance, Flower the Alternative Fact Teacup Friesian*, Sir Hops a Lot Freight Train, Silky Cocoa Cream McGuire, Nugget, Perkins, Pillywiggin, Daisy, Dandelion, and Melody. Our Minions were Sonora, Rose, and their mom, Corey; Emma, Allie, Jasmine, Mariah, and Mariah’s mom Sarah.

*This breed is a figment of my imagination–it doesn’t exist; hence, it’s an “alternative fact” breed. If you would, however, like to join the breed, the membership costs are very affordable–it’free.

The bridge I crossed with the trailer was teeny tiny so I’ve shared a photo of me inching across.

A gentleman was taking Tintypes, an old type of photo, and I had two taken. One will be going to Sunny Poffenbarger in North Carolina to thank her for selling me her heirloom Victorian outfit.

The lovely hat is from Mary K. Hodges-Nees. If you’d like to look into buying one of her creations, I can put you into contact with her. Her hats are exquisite.


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4 thoughts on “Victorian Days in Grand Ledge

  1. Hey! I’ve ridden side saddle before! 😀 Awesome pictures!!

  2. Dolores A. Fowler

    Great photos Sarah. You look great! Aunt Dolores

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