Lights, Camera, Action

Bright lights twinkle above as Bubbles’s ears flop forward. Twist snorts and stomps as Flower sniffs hay.

“Melody, eat your heart out,” Twist seems to say.

Four years ago, Melody had a starring role (according to her) in the musical, “My Favorite Year” at Riverwalk Theatre.

The rest of the animals were jealous. Nobody else had ever been in a play before. Then came Lance The Service Dog’s big break as Horrid in Camelot.

Now, everyone except Bandit, Honey, and Twist had appeared onstage. Then Flower, the cute little “Alternative Fact” Teacup Friesian, appeared. As founder and only member of this unique breed, Flower was special. She knew it. It was only a matter of time.


Then Bubbles came along. To quote a certain Scottish play (with puppy grammar included) “bubblesis, bubblesis, toils and troublesis…”

Soon, people were emailing to ask about Bubbles. “Can Bubbles come play with the cast of our show?” Our answer was a resounding yes. Then, I asked about sneaking the horses into the show, too. Their answer was a resounding yes.

So Twist, Flower, and Bubbles are all in this weekend’s play, “The Wonder of The World,” directed by Shannon Bowen. The animals felt that they deserved bios for being in the show, so their publicist took care of it. Here’s the show program:


Bubbles is disgruntled at having to share her acting gig with Flower and Twist, but when I told her to discuss it with Eowyn, our resident Unicorn and arbitrator, she said, “S’fine. S’fine. Can we go home now?!”


Better luck next time, Bandit and Honey. Better luck next time.

(Oh, and Sir Hops a Lot Freight Train also wants to be included. He’s a disgruntled bun. He, however, says he wishes to produce or direct–not act.)

He’s already decided to cast Bandit in her first leading role–as Kate in “She Poops to Conquer.” Eh–I mean “She STOOPS to Conquer.”



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