Dietary Indiscretions

Her glossy eyes clouded over; her ears flopped forward and she moaned. Her whine pierced through my heart like a pin through fabric.


Bubbles the Border Collie puppy.

At eleven weeks old, Bubbles became very ill indeed. Her stool became bloody and she vomited repeatedly. When she crawled under a tree as if to die, we decided to take action.

I went online to look up her symptoms.

After scaring myself half to death, I got offline and had The Husband call a Veterinary Hospital in Ann Arbor.

Almost six hundred dollars later, we had our answer.

“Has she been eating anything she oughtn’t?”

“Uh–well… We have eight cats, ten horses, a guinea, three turkeys, twenty five ducks, a bunny, and fifteen chickens. She could have eaten anything on the farm.”

“Ok. We’ll call this one dietary indiscretions. We’ll give her fluids for her dehydration, antibiotics in hopes that it’ll take care of any ‘bugs’ left in her system, and you can take home the rest of her stool sample.”

Bubbles is back home and acting more herself again today. She’s mad, however. I won’t let her off of the leash anymore. Not until she learns to curb her enthusiasm about snacking on morsels of whatever the back yard holds.

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