2017: The Year of Positivity

The muddy whirlpool swishes and swirls, pulling debris from the edge. The current, strong but steady, sloshes and sways as it collects everything in its banks.

If you’re drifting or pulled in, rise. Like a phoenix rising from ashes, we can lift ourselves out of the muck and mire. We, ourselves, can fight the current and persevere.

This year, we will rise above the negativity in the world. This year, we’ll be the positive change we wish to see, and we’ll fight the current of what’s “wrong” to make as many “rights” as we can.

So far, I, Sarah, the horse riding instructor, have donated 12 1/2 inches of hair to Wigs for Kids.


Next, we’ve started saving money, as a barn, for Sandstone Farm’s Rescue Efforts. The organization saves pregnant mares from auctions (and usually a slaughter house.) They give the mare proper nutrition, help her give birth, and then to find new homes for mother and baby. This is the rescue that saved Chex and Applejack.


So far, collecting change and dollar bills, we’ve saved almost $150.

I turned 35 this year, and Bandit turned 14, so it was time to add another bundle of joy to our family.

This is Bubbles the Border Collie.


If you think she’s about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, you’d be correct. (At least according to Bubbles.) Bubbles was recently awarded a middle name by our Veterinarian, and has been deemed “Bubbles Franklyn.”

The black hole of politics, the whoosh and eddy of currents threatening to sweep our country and world into darkness, and the heavy, uncomfortable air of oppression leaves us gasping for hope. Let positive changes, kind words, and generosity be the raft which lifts you to the surface. Let others feel the water’s disturbance and set forth on similar voyages.

Above all, don’t let negativity bring you down. Rise.

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