Cold Turkey

The Husband offered to go with me to the barn tonight.
“I can dig out the gates and the back doors if you’d like.”
“I’d like.”
We trod outside as the wind blew snow sideways into our ears and onto our necks. We walked past Josie the Turkey as she huddled against the house.
“She’s shivering.”
“We could put her on a sled and drag her to the barn.”
“She’d fall off.”
We considered Josie as I set The Husband up near the gates to dig. I fed the horses and then led him back to the tack room.
The Husband held my hand as we regained warmth in our extremities. “I could carry Josie.”
“I could put her in a muck bucket.”
“Good idea. Then we could each take a handle and carry her together.”
That’s how we ended up coaxing a shivering turkey into a muck bucket in the dark. My cold turkey, confused, watched us as we carried her to a stall in the barn so she could become a warm turkey.
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