Driving Miss Honey

Wind caressed my face, pulling my hair from its ponytail. The heavy reins in my hands pulled slightly as Honey lowered her head to stretch her neck.

“Good Girl.”

I leaned forward to itch her tail, certain that the ends of the reins stayed under my tushie where they belong. She lowered her head and sighed, her ears turned to listen to my next command.

Horse Show Marshall 014

Through years now, students have ground-driven and ridden Honey. She’s pulled a barrel, a cart (with only me in it–she’s not ready to pull students), and a sled. I gave up driving for a little while when the busy summer came along, but I’ve come back to that dream the last two days.

Honey is awesome. She moved sideways a step or two at one point when she was startled by something (our outdoor arena is right next to the road), but otherwise, she was and is a champ. I’m learning as I go. Driving with an actual cart is something I’ve always wanted to do but never had a lot of chances. I’ve driven all of my horses in the harness with a barrel behind them, but only recently bought a cart, and only yesterday started driving again after a four or five month hiatus for summer.

Hugging Honey

Honey walks and jogs smooth as anything, and she’s so cute when she gets her nose down and in as if to say, “look at me go. I’m purty.” She loves being driven, and in some ways I think she prefers it over being ridden.

Until it gets too cold, Honey and I will be perfecting our moves. We’ll work together to walk and jog all over the farm. Hopefully, eventually, The Husband and I can go for a cart ride. I’m already eager for Honey’s next drive.

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