There is a Season

A breeze lifts loose leaves from the trees, and they flutter toward the ground. They spin and whirl and glide as they descend. They join their neighbors, soon to be cremated.

Vines in the garden wither away from the last forgotten fruits of harvest. The shrivelled tomatoes and yellowed green beans await their turn to become slug chow.

Three young chicks peep and chirp in Lucy’s old Chicken McMansion with their mother, Feather. A young foal frolics and plays in the wooden pasture.

Babies? In the FALL?!


Char and Whipple are from SSFRE, where Applejack and Chex came from. They have been adopted by a couple from Byron who are moving the pair when their house sale is finalized.

Feather became broody after her last chick didn’t make it, so she hatched out three little babies this time instead of only one.

Among this season of death and cold weather preparations, life renews itself.

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