Jack of All Trades

Sparkles of dew shimmer atop the lush grass. Sunlight seeps between tree leaves, spotlighting the dancing pools of moisture.


The constant background music of a heavenly chorus might only be inside my head, but this wonderland is better than anything I could dream up on my own.

Applejack is growing larger every day. His strapping physique grows more masculine and muscular every day. The little boy now lunges both ways at a walk and a trot; knows how to stand on a pedestal; can pivot (ish); can shake his head no; has started to lift his feet for the Spanish Walk when I tap his elbows, can back up when I pull his tail; backs up when I move my finger back and forth; picks up all four feet very well for the farrier and for anyone who hoofpicks him; will stand square anytime I ask; will follow anyone’s movement at a walk, trot, over a jump, and stop; and will allow me to snap a whip at any point around his body without flinching.


In a few short months, I’ll be seeking out a blanket to fit the boy.

His old ones won’t work anymore.

Winter will be here soon; the cold weather will begin in a few short months–or possibly weeks.

The days pass on, some leaving twinkling moments while others fade quietly into the background.

It’s glorious to notice the sparkles as they occur, instead of longing for them after they have passed.

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