She’s Havin’ My Baby

So. Breeding.

Two years, and it just didn’t work out. I started by breeding Melody, who miscarried. Later that year, the stallion we’d tried to use as the stud died. There was no chance for a re-breeding.

We later discovered Melody has endometriosis.

Last year, we bred Honey to a more local stallion. She started out as pregnant with twins, and then for her safety had to have a “twin reduction,” which is a nice way of saying that a specialist made sure that only one twin survived.

And then, this spring, no foal.

No foal.

I have friends who have horses who get pregnant if a stallion so much as sniffs them.

But not mine.

Instead, I had heartbreak. Over and over.

This spring, I told the stallion owner to keep her deposit. I couldn’t deal with breeding anymore. The overwhelming sadness creeping through my thoughts every moment of the day shadowed me. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t think.

Everything else is perfect in my life. I have the barn of my dreams. I have an amazing, supportive husband, and three other phenomenal horses. I have boarders for which any normal stable would trade their right arm.

But no foal.

I longed for that foal I’d bred; grieved for it. Went through my day wishing and hoping and dreaming about something that didn’t exist.

But he does.

If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, you may remember that I recently posted a photo of someone that I called “Honey’s Doppelganger.”

Dopp 1 Dopp 2











He became mine as of today.

Chex and AJ 2 Chex and AJ











My dear friend helped me trailer.

P1000327 P1000329









We followed the glorious sky west, toward home.










Please meet Applejack.

I know he was meant for me when I saw him online. His markings are just the same as Honey’s. His mother has my initials branded onto her tushie. How likely are these things both to happen? He was made for me, and the universe made sure I didn’t pass him by. I let him, and his mother, play in the indoor arena this evening just for fun.

P1000368 P1000370 P1000372 P1000373 P1000381 P1000402 P1000399























I love him already. Thank you so much, Sand Stone Farm’s Rescue Efforts!

If you would like to donate to Sand Stone Farm’s Rescue Efforts, please visit their pages:

-Wish List:


-GoFundMe Site:

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2 thoughts on “She’s Havin’ My Baby

  1. julie

    very happy your so happy.. Good luck with him..

  2. Erin O.

    You have a baby! So happy for you. Can’t wait to stop by and see him. And of course, LOVE the MLP name.

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