Wind Chill: -40

I brought the outdoor boarded mares into stalls a moment ago. They were huddled together in the shelter. I’m glad I brought them inside. I wasn’t able to sleep, knowing Mel and Honey were out there in this.
I looked out at the geldings, but they were having a blast snoozing near the side of the barn. How is it that they looked perfectly comfortable without being in the shelter?!
Then, I went Chicken Hunting.
The Chickens scrunched together in the egg shed, and squawked when I moved each of them. But then I did something I swore I’d never do: I brought them all into the barn. The mares, each in their cozy stalls (along with Sidney) get extra hay, creating warmth enough that the chickens will stay comfortable. The chickens will keep the cats entertained. It’s a win-win.
How do I know everyone loves this situation? Gunther the Rooster mounted Perkins the Chicken, so I guess that’s a good seal of approval.

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