Mid January 2012 050

The world was covered with ice, and nature’s glass steadily broke apart everything it touched. Our silent guardians, the trees, appeared Leprosy-riddled. Their limbs quivered and fell as they stood helpless against the assault. Ribbon-wire fences swayed and drooped; their burden a glittering, crystal swag.

The horses were irritable–their playground too icy to frolic upon. Their excitement was reduced to running in the indoor arena. My charges, grateful for time to buck and nip without falling on their noses, took full advantage and were reluctant to exit the barn once inside.

We retained heat and electricity for the duration of the ice storm, and never lost it in the ensuing days–a fact, for which, I’m still grateful.

The stable is back to normal for the horses. The kids are frolicking once more in their pastures. For us, cleanup has just begun.

(As a side note, the cleanup will commence once the cold snap is finished. Until then, I’ll play with ponies in the indoor arena.)

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