South Side Story

The gangs approach neutral ground. The leaders circle, then jump each other. Attacks lead to chaos as someone accidentally crosses from one posse’s territory to the other.

Gladiator the bantam rooster is in one corner. His chicks, Nugget; Roz; Snappy; Perkins and Elizabeth, stay on the north side of the barn.

Pip the bantam rooster is in the other corner. His peeps are Feather and Gunter. They stay on the south side of the barn.

Ne’er the twain shall meet. (Unless it’s time for the morning, noon, or nightly rumble.)

Mealtimes are war.


The beginning is simple, perhaps with Nugget feeling peckish. She migrates to neutral ground in front of the barn and beaks through the daily rations.

Pip watches Nugget with interest. He preens in the tree and waits for the right moment. He spots an opening and slides in, smooth as a seagull on an updraft.

Gladiator, noting the whereabouts of his harem, follows the flock with a glinting gaze. He alights, half-hopping, half-flying, to follow Nugget.

Let the rumble begin.

Nugget 1

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