There’s a Chicken in my Bathtub

DSCF3330Lucy is not a regular chicken.

She prefers loitering in the barn instead of scratching the ground with other chickens. She’ll sit on my head and chirp rather than roosting in a tree. She prefers her food ready-made and her water in a dish.

At night, she likes to sleep in the corner of a stall.





January 28, 2013 046Zeus is not a regular Warmblood horse.

He prefers chilling outside instead of any time in a stall. He wants to perform tricks instead of preparing for ambitious dressage or jumping events. He prefers his food in large quantities and likes to find his own forage.

The only time he enjoys a stall is when he eats grain.





Lucy the Chicken and Zeus the Warmblood are both unique and special favorites of mine. Though they are two unique species, they have one defining quality: the only bigger chicken than Lucy is Zeus.

Zeus came into the barn about a month ago to eat his supper–and accidentally nudged/kicked/stepped on Lucy while she snoozed in the corner of a stall.

The worker feeding the horses that night called me soon after, and I scurried to the barn. I immediately decided to take Lucy to the Vet.

The diagnosis? Three broken bones, and a slim-to-none chance of her surviving the ordeal.

A month later, I can happily state that with the help of many chicken-loving friends, Lucy is still alive today. She is a house-chicken who enjoys the modern comforts of indoor plumbing and enjoys eating fresh fruit and vegetables each day before picking at pelleted food. She lays her egg each day on a nest-shaped bathroom towel. She now resides in a large bathtub in the master bathroom. She sits on my lap if I read or sew.

Zeus now checks the corners of his stall before deciding it is, indeed, safe to eat his food.

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