An Unplanned Parenthood

“We have a heartbeat!”

During Honey’s ultrasound today, about 30 minutes ago, I rejoiced at those words.

“Wait–we have another heartbeat.”


Two babies.

Most twin foals abort at 7 to 8 months–and don’t make it.

Sometimes the fetuses get tangled with each other and can’t be born–and when they die, so does the mother.

I can’t risk Honey Bear.

“We could pinch off the smaller fetus and her body will reabsorb it. Then the pregnancy will most likely go on. I have another Vet we can use to pinch off the weaker fetus.”


But it’s a BABY.  It has a heartbeat.

And I would choose to KILL it?

How could I do that?

Two babies.

One awful choice.

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