Hot New Chicks

I bought three Americana Chicks.5 baby chicks Buster, Nugget, Swifty The soft, fuzzy babies cuddled with me, squabbled, pecked, and generally remained cute. However, they grew up. The photo on the left is Swiftie (at the top, owned by Erika) Nugget (the brown chicken, owned by Jasmine) and Buster, the darker grey chicken (owned by Ethan and Johanthan.) I just couldn’t leave it at three. Those little baby chicks in the right photo are our new babies. We have Stripe (The wide-striped chicken, again, owned by Johathan and Ethan) and Gladiator (the tiniest Mille Fleur chicken, owned by Martina.) The other new chickens are still unclaimed, though Megan has first dibs on the new flock. Lucy is showing them about life at Firefly Farm. She lays an egg every day in the aisle of the barn, and sings her “egg song” after the deed is done. We currently have four lovely eggs from Lucy in the refrigerator. Her previous eggs (almost a dozen so far) have been delicious.

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3 thoughts on “Hot New Chicks

  1. Jazzy’s little Nugget has really grown up! So Cute!

  2. Jess French

    I’m doing my catch-up reading. Are there chicks still needing to be claimed?

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