Dream #3 on Deck

He whinnied, whipping his tail; his pricked ears listened for signs of life. I strode to his stall and smiled at him. For a moment he stilled, then cried out again.

His buttermilk body and seafoam-green eyes captured me instantly. This magnificent beast would, with my lovely mare, create the baby of my dreams. Mine.

I wrote a book at age 11 called “Pain in The Hoof.” For the author biography, I said, “She hopes someday to own her own horse farm.” Whenever someone would ask what I wanted to do with my life, I would say, “I want to train and breed horses.”

I have the horse farm. My first dream is a reality.

As for training and breeding, I train horses all the time. I listen to their needs and work with them. Then, I train people to listen to their horses and speak “horse.” There are far fewer horses in need of training than there are humans who need to listen.

The image of a frisky foal frolicking around the yard still appeals to me. I want that. I want a foal I bred for, that I have the final say from conception to birth to death. I don’t intend to breed repeatedly; nor do I want more than one foal at this time. I also don’t want to own a stallion that is used for breeding purposes. Stallions are hyper-intelligent. They know how to work a person. There are some people who are meant to work with stallions. I am not one of them. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of breeding one of my horses repeatedly. Many horses out there are in desperate need of a home. I thought about those horses long and hard before deciding to breed Melody.

The selfish part of me insists that if I want this experience, I should have it. And so I shall.

I don’t intend to sell Melody’s baby. This is MY baby. I plan to be there through all the life stages, whether it’s the ‘cranky-mare-with-backpain’ stage before birth, the ‘I’m a frisky foal and will break everything’ stage, or the ‘I’m older and need meds for my joints’ stage. I’m prepared to own this baby forever.

My husband and I bought the farm. I’ve trained and worked with many of the horses here. I’m breeding Melody this afternoon at 5pm.  It’s time to add “breeder” to my resumee.

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One thought on “Dream #3 on Deck

  1. So, it’s 2:50 pm west coast time and I am assuming the deed is done. I hope the earth moved for both of them.

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