Enter Bachelor #2

We’re at it again.


Tuffs Frosted Image 2


Pulling apart.

Putting together.

Two Vets stood near, waiting for the inserted needle to complete it’s task. The horse wobbled, teetered, and lowered her head. Melody stood in the stall while the Vet put her hand (and a long-corded device) in unmentionable places to perform an ultrasound.


Melody is within 7mm of ovulating. She needs a “shipment” in the next day or so. Mere hours.

We’re waiting.

I spoke to the stallion’s owner this morning about her stallion, Mighty Blue Print. This afternoon, I spoke to her about her first stallion–and then discussed her second stallion.

Together, we decided that we should swap the breeding.

Exit Mighty Blue Print. Enter Tuffs Frosted Image.

Tuffs Frosted Image 3 - Copy


Not really. Neither stallion is Awemost Dun (the original stallion with whom I planned to breed Melody.) However, the second–oops, third–stallion has many positive attributes. He’s a trained Reiner. He has a flat-kneed trot. If I bred him to Melody, the color choices are completely up in the air–there’s no telling what we’d get!

Offspring Color Probability

7.03% –
7.03% –
Amber Champagne Dun
7.03% –
Bay Dun
7.03% –
Amber Cream Champagne
7.03% –
Amber Champagne
7.03% –
7.03% –
Amber Cream Champagne Dun
7.03% –
3.13% –
3.13% –
3.13% –
Gold Champagne Dun
3.13% –
Gold Cream Champagne
3.13% –
Gold Cream Champagne Dun
3.13% –
3.13% –
Red Dun
3.13% –
Gold Champagne
2.34% –
Classic Cream Champagne Dun
2.34% –
2.34% –
Classic Champagne
2.34% –
Classic Cream Champagne
2.34% –
Smoky Grullo
2.34% –
2.34% –
Smoky Black
2.34% –
Classic Champagne Dun

Plus, he was my best friend’s first choice. The best friend ALWAYS has the last word.




Tuffs Frosted Image 1 - Copy

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