About Last Night…

The ground shivered as ponies galloped down the hill. Their manes whipped in the wind and tails flagged as air caressed their bodies. Sunlight streamed as a spotlight on the dappled animals as they cascaded forth.

I lifted my dress and twirled, a laugh bubbling up inside. My best friend danced and skipped next to me. I leapt forward, the soft grass a cushion as I landed. I snuggled my toes into the deep green carpet.

I glanced behind, realizing where we’d recently been. “Is that our castle?” I asked. My dear friend nodded. The steady parade of horses poured from a large opening in the front. A wooden bridge crossed a moat with turrets guarding each side. Colorful flags flew from the pinnacle of each roof. The castle’s chalky grey bricks glowed against a turquoise sky.

“Here,” my friend said, giggling. She toyed with my hair a moment, and I reached up to feel a crown of flowers. I turned and noticed a similar one on her head.

“Let’s follow the ponies,” I said.

We raced and played–

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Someday, I’ll go back to the castle. Until then, I’ll wear pants and boots while I work with horses.

Bodiam Castle

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