Boom Chicka Boom

Sunshine spotlights a large Rubbermaid container. Bandit watches over the edge, tail up, ears pricked. Her entire body fairly thrums with electricity. Downy fluff chirps, lifting its wings to soar–until it lands with a thump. Bandit nudges it with her nose to check for life. Indeed, it still breathes; and then peeps once more.

photo 4

Firefly Farm is welcoming springtime with three new arrivals. Their names are Swifty, Nugget, and [The Unclaimed One.] The dogs are thrilled, especially Bandit. They love to watch the chickens. Lance and chick

Swiftie is mean to other chicks and pecks them on the head. She’s named after Taylor Swift, who doesn’t have a nice thing to say about anyone in her songs. She is currently the lightest yellow chick with tan markings (in the above photo with Lance.) Swiftie belongs to Erika T.

Nugget is adorable and friendly. She’s currently dark brown, but will grow up to look like Lucas. Nugget is owned by Jasmine S.

[The Unclaimed One] is still looking for an owner. She’s striped like a chipmunk.

The chickens are a project for lesson students. Anyone who wants a chicken can keep one here, but they must be willing to help clean up after them–scrubbing down their house, feeding them, and getting them water.

The chicks are still too small to go outside with Lucas. Bandit looks after them; watching them grow. They chirp and play with each other, and their joyful springtime song keeps me smiling all day.

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One thought on “Boom Chicka Boom

  1. Erika T

    Photo creds to muwah 😀 I miss Swiftie :(

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