Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

I dug my fingers through mane, shoving her head forward. My forearms burned with the strain. The Vet shoved her drill deep into Susie Q’s mouth. The pony’s tongue shoved at the metal, to no avail.

Dr. Tavernier visited the horses today for a variety of reasons:

Zeus and Susie Q needed their teeth filed. Horse teeth grow during the animal’s entire life span and need to be sanded down at least once a year. Today, I held these two horses as the Vet acted as Equine Dentist. Both needed extra helpings of “happy drugs” (otherwise known as sleepy meds.) Zeus took three servings, Suzie took two.

In between, Dr. T. drew blood from Phoenix, Melody, Honey, Twist, and Sidney for Coggins Tests. This is an annual test which proves the horse doesn’t carry a certain incurable horse disease. A negative Coggins test allows for horses to be transported other places off farm property to shows.

Twist and Melody were supposed to have additional work done, but it didn’t happen today. Twist has a slight head bob, and always has since he arrived here. I hope that it’s something small and fixable with supplements or another easy solution. The Vet didn’t have her diagnostic equipment today because of a computer crash, so it’ll wait until next time. During the next Vet visit, Dr. Tavernier will also test to see if Melody’s “in season,” or ready to be bred. The plan is to breed her to Awemost Dun again this year. Sadly, she miscarried last year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a 2014 foal.

With the Vet gone, exhaustion crept in. I crashed soon after the visit ended. I hope next time the Vet comes it doesn’t involve power tools.

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