“Whatever you did, it made the light go on!” the man yelled.

“How about now?” I asked.

“It’s off.”

“How about now?


“And now?”

“Back on.”

The motion-sensor light in front of the barn is tricky. It works when it wants and takes frequent vacations.

But today, we outsmarted it.

The repairman from Emil’s Electric flipped switches, asked me to flip switches, and shook his head numerous times.

“You have a few options,” he said. “One is replacing the photo cell. It might be old. We could also change out the whole fixture.”

“Can we remove the photo cell and leave the current fixture?” I asked.


We’re in business.

The light glows with the flip of a switch. No more vacations. No more “I’ll light up when I feel like it.”

The darkness is gone. The front of the barn will be welcoming and bright from now on.

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