Click. Click. Click.

I scrunched my nose and reached forward, wiggling my fingers. I glanced back at the ponies and saw their expressions–‘You fool,’ they seemed to say. ‘Don’t touch that.’

I closed my eyes and grabbed it.

No ‘zap.’

The fence doesn’t always charge. We have solar-powered fencers which give a small electrical charge (shock) to the horses if they touch it.

Currently, I have three solar-powered fencers and two electricity-powered fencers. None of the solar fencers are receiving enough sunlight during the day to be effective.

Hence, the two “new” electrical fencers.

The husband told me the other day that one of the new electric fencers didn’t seem to be working. He held it with his bare hand and it barely ‘zapped’ him at all. Surprised, we both went out to inspect it–the fence appeared fine; but when I grabbed it, I agreed. Hardly any shock to speak of.

As the husband checked the hotwire, two very interested little ponies trotted over to observe. Honey and Suzie Q scrutinized “Carrot Boy” (that’s his nickname among the horses) and Honey decided to check for treats. She nudged him gently.


The husband gaped as little Honey galloped away, kicking up her hooves.

Our new fencer works after all.

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