Grovel, Grovel; Cringe, Bow, Stoop, Fall -Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


Urgent whinnies greeted me as I strolled through the barn this morning. I quickened my pace and reached Misty’s stall. Her nose poked through the feeding hole, lips smacking together. “Is someone feeling better?” I asked, then toyed with her peach-fuzz muzzle. She attempted to eat one of my fingers before reluctantly pulling her nose back inside the stall.

Misty’s on a diet of water-logged beet pulp and drenched hay cubes since her first bout of colic. She’s on banamine for pain relief and Neosporin+pain on her backside (where she has an open wound.) I’m a firm believer in probiotics, so she’s on those, too. Misty pulled through and is much better. She colicked twice, but made progress with eating and digesting food. She went outside with Melody today and played in the snow–they frolicked all day.

Although Misty’s out of the woods for now, her food is still limited. She will not recieve plain/dry hay for the next few days; it’ll all be hay cubes, mineral oil, and beet pulp mixed with her normal mash of grain. She needs to heal before eating “real” hay again. She can beg every morning, and I hope she does–but it’ll be a while before I indulge her wishes.

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