“A Mark, A Yen, A Buck or a Pound…” -Cabaret

I flip through virtual pages, delighted at each new bauble. Saddle racks, bridle racks. blanket racks, harness racks–and more. Much, much more. Saddles, bridles, blankets and harnesses to lay, lovingly, upon the racks. To saddle, bridle, blanket, or harness my horses with the new equipment.

Those daydreams fuzz at the edges and drift apart as dollar signs break through the thought bubbles above my head.

Some items are necessary. With Zeus’ arrival, we desperately need another saddle rack and more bridle and halter racks. I peruse each option, knowing what I’ll get all along.

I’ve already ordered two saddle racks which hold four saddles each. Two? Rack-(s)? Yes. Although Suzie Q and Zeus are the horses currently without saddle storage, I need a new one for myself. My saddles are falling off the makeshift holders I built in the barn. I have many saddles and not enough stands. The plan is that once the saddle rack arrives, I’ll be able to sort the most used saddles and put them where they’re easily accessible. I plan to wash the least-used saddles, oil them, and zip them carefully within saddle bags so they stay dust-free.

(Check with me in six months to laugh with me as I recall how I hoped for time to accomplish this so-called plan.)

I’m preparing for a hearty spring cleaning. It may be mid-January, but if I plan enough and do a few items a day, I can have everything clean and organized by next January.

The new saddle racks will inspire a frenzy of dusting. Of oiling, cleaning, repairing, and sorting. For at least ten minutes.

Whew! Make that five minutes. I’m already exhausted thinking of how much work these saddle racks are. I think I’ll go back to searching online.

After all, the fun is in window shopping–and I’m having a lot of fun.

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