Come And Knock On [Her] Door

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Phee who?”

“Pheed Phoenix now!”

Every morning, Phoenix is impatient to be fed. She paws with her hoof, and when it hits the door, it sounds like she’s knocking. Phoenix isn’t usually an indoor boarder, but she’s in the wooden pasture for the immediate future. She injured a ligament in her leg and is supposed to be on stall rest.

Phoenix hates stalls.

The best part of stall rest is food. Once that’s gone, however, she’s bored. A bored horse can be a dangerous horse. Phoenix rears, bucks, and shows general displeasure about being stuck inside without anything to do. We figured it’s better to keep her in a paddock by herself rather than subject her (and us) to claustrophobic stall-walking–or worse.

Lexi and Sage are now together in the mare pasture. Lexi’s a young Thoroughbred; Sage is an elderly Standardbred. Both are bred to race, Somehow, though, they’ve become good friends and don’t compete in the pasture.

Phoenix, however, must wait for a while before she’s allowed with any other horses besides Honey. She and Honey are able to hang out at night in the same pasture. Honey is the one horse who doesn’t engage in fight-or-flight issues–she prefers to lay low and relax. Honey and Phoenix get along well and don’t compete. During the day, Honey and Suzie Q are in the pasture next to the wooden pasture, and Honey loves Phoenix a lot.

Phoenix will keep knocking on the door, hoping that one of her horsie friends will answer. Until then, she needs to rest. Visitors have to wait.

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