Just Shoot Me

I miss my camera.

I’ve been so busy lately with incoming boarders, shopping trips, Christmas decorating, Thanksgiving dinner, and taking care of the horses, there’s no extra time for anything.

I cleaned the entire house in preparation for Thanksgiving. I always keep my camera near the laptop computer, but I moved both. I held the camera in my hands just before everyone came for Thanksgiving dinner. I remember distinctly thinking, “I need to put this somewhere safe so it doesn’t get lost.”

It’s safe all right.

It’s so safe, I can’t disturb it.

There have been wonderful changes at Firefly Farm. The seasons are switching, and we’re getting a rain/snow mix. The pastures are picturesque with a brisk wind and dancing snowflakes racing through the air.

The ponies frolic and play in the wintry slush. Lucas/Lucy the chicken scratches happily at the sleet-covered ground.

But there’s no way to record these tiny moments in time.

This weekend will consist of house cleaning, cooking, finding a new tractor (after my old one conked out on me) and playing/working with ponies. Melody and I shared a delightful western riding session this morning.

But most of all, I’ll search for that camera. I can’t wait to find it.

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One thought on “Just Shoot Me

  1. I can understand your desire to preserve the moments through the lens, but let me assure you, you capture and share life every bit as accurately, and evocatively with your words and thoughts. Good stuff Sarah.

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