Lights! Camera! Inaction?

Melody’s in the spotlight.

Her coat changes as she moves, the purple-red-gold shimmering to deep mahogany brown. Her stall is lit up like a catwalk, and she’s prancing and pawing inside, showing off.

Melody hasn’t been a stall boarder since this March. However, I want a baby.

A foal. Melody’s foal.

In order to line up her cycles, I need to make her body believe it’s summertime. A horse’s breeding cycles start in the spring and slow down in the fall. I want to give her the longest possible breeding season, so I have her under lights starting tonight. Hopefully we can begin breeding the girl in late winter–February or March.

Melody’s been a momma before, but we discovered last year during our breeding attempts that Melody has endometriosis. Sadly, this disease causes painful cysts in her–ahem–breeding equipment. Though she became pregnant this spring, she lost the baby.

So we’re trying again.

She’s on supplements to ease her symptoms and help keep her fertile. We’re prepared to shell out cash for the magical injections which “guarantee” to help keep a foal until the body accepts it.

Melody will be an indoor boarder, under lights, from now until April. I know she doesn’t always care for stalls, but unfortunately, tricking her body with lighting is the easiest route for everyone.

Therefore, my superstar will shine each night. I hope she performs when her cue comes.

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One thought on “Lights! Camera! Inaction?

  1. blackpaws

    You go girl!

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