A Brave New World for Huxley

I loaded a horse for a client out by the road and helped her back up the trailer. We had to cross the street in order to check traffic. Unfortunately Huxley followed me across the road. I saw my sweet, loveable tuxedo kitty as a car struck him. I took him to the vet who said there was nothing we could do other than end his suffering. I held my kitty as he passed into the next world. My heart is so heavy it feels like it could fall from my chest. I’m numb. I’m devastated. My boy followed me back and forth from the barn every day, laid next to my feet as I taught lessons in the indoor arena, and followed me to the outdoor arena as I taught there, too. He kept me company as I gardened; and filled water troughs and mucked stalls. He followed me like he was my puppy. I can’t reason it out why he felt he could follow me, except that he knew how much I loved him and loved having him near me. It will get better because I can’t feel much worse.


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