Lucky Number 11

I said I would only have ten boarders for a while.

I lied.

I didn’t mean to. However, when my dear friend Judi told me she wanted a pony she could drive, I melted inside. I knew what she planned. I couldn’t wait to see her choices.

Then we bought the first pony we looked at.

This cute, sweet, delightful girl is named Suzie Q. She came from Indiana, and the kid is cute as a button. She’s a black and white registered Tobiano Paint mare. The best part is, the dear little girl is only about 3 feet tall at the shoulder.

When the woman delivered her my cuteness meter exploded.

I can’t wait to post more about Suzie Q, but I don’t know her that well yet. As of tomorrow, I’ll be conditioning Suzie Q in preparation for the moment when Judi’s cart arrives and she can drive.

I can’t wait.

I can handle nine horses and two ponies at Firefly Farm. Two ponies added together equal one horse, right? That’s still ten.

(That’s Firefly Farm Mathematics for you.)

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One thought on “Lucky Number 11

  1. blackpaws

    Where’s the pictures?

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