I love loyalty.

I love when I’m surrounded by warm, faithful friends and gentle horses. I adore hugs. I smile remembering people I’ve met along life’s journey.

Times change, and sometimes no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to stay in the same place with the same people.

Sadly, Braz and Hunter will be leaving us.

The decision didn’t come lightly, but I have a firm rule: No Outside Trainers. I’ve run into too many bad trainers and had too many bad experiences to allow anyone else to teach at my barn. Unfortunately, if you want to show at a high level, I’m not the trainer to work with. I’m not going to ever be a Prix St. George trainer or take you over fences at the Horse Show by the Bay. I simply won’t, I accept it, and I know better than to market myself as such. I don’t want the “showing atmosphere” at my barn. Showing isn’t a bad thing; I love to show. However, I don’t want to show at a high level. Ever.

But sometimes, outside factors can’t be helped. Equestrian teams like to bring in lots of trainers, and Hunter’s owner has joined an Equestrian team. I can’t and won’t allow random people in and out. Equestrian team is a great place to fill holes in an education–no matter how hard you try, you’ll always have holes in your equine education. For instance, I have no idea what terms to use for certain vaulting moves. I’ve never done Roman riding (Standing while riding 2 horses.)  I can’t teach someone everything, and I’m proud she joined. However, this presents a dilemma for her.

So they’ve decided to move on. Hunter’s family is also leasing Braz, which means where one goes, they both go.

I have no problem with the fact that two boarders are moving (other than that I’ll miss them very much!) We’re parting amicably. We still adore each other.

However, now we have an open slot starting the month of October. This brings us back to loyalty. The husband and I have been toying, for a while, with an idea. This idea has blossomed into reality as of today.

I love my boarders. I never want people to leave, and I don’t ever want to raise board. So I won’t–for people who are here now. You’ll be Grandfathered in. Your rate won’t change. You’re here at your current rate and you get to keep it. Even though hay prices have risen this summer, we won’t charge you more. We love you and want to keep you all here. We also love loyalty, and want to reward those of you who helped make Firefly Farm a success in our first year of business. So you will not pay more for board.

However, new or incoming boarders will have a different rate. We’re raising board rates ONLY for new people or those who decide to come back after an absence at another barn. (Sorry guys!) Outdoor board will now be $290 per month, and Indoor board will be $350 per month. Please remember, this is . ONLY FOR NEW BOARDERS.  Don’t worry, current boarders. Your loyalty is rewarded.

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2 thoughts on “Loyalty

  1. erikalt114@yahoo.com

    I am sending you a hug via email! 🙂 I had my horse show and we or a first in jumping and a 2nd in junior hunter hack against girls who have been riding their whole lives as own their own horses and I was just like oh yeahhh see this? I was sitting on my tailbone. 🙂 It was awesome. School started today. It was like a million degrees in the building. I saw Collin…he gave me a hug which I partially rejected cuz it was too hot…and I’m just too cool for him 🙂 Mother Nature also brought me a gift today, two weeks early…-.- figures right? I miss you guys and the horses and everything is happening since I left…I missed a lot 😦 Maybe I should move my school and house there…sounds legit. My neighbor invited me to a u of m football game Saturday and I’m going but I don’t own any u of m apparel (I’m borrowing from a friend), I don’t like u of m, and i don’t know anything about football. Yay. I did get my homecoming and spring formal dresses though! I don’t know if our school is having a homecoming but I’m going to my home school’s homecoming. (eisenhower’s) I started your bracelet! Then I lost it and started over then found the first one then school started. I’ll finish it don’t worry. 🙂 I have nobody’s hair to play with anymore and I still want to hear the rest of that story and i have to paint your nails too! How is Lexi? This email was really choppy but I’m tired so we can just pretend it flows and sounds very legit and professional.

    PS does darrin remember our phone number still?

    Sent from my iPod

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