In The Good Old Summertime

Clap. Clap. Clap.


Muzzles lift from the tall grass. Ears twist gently, tails swish.

“Honey, Melody, Phoenix, Sidney, Hunter, Dusty, Braveheart!”

The girls start forward, clumsily at first; but gather speed. Boys nibble as they walk, enjoying a horse version of fast food.

  The kids are gaining weight for winter. Everyone is shedding out their Summer coat and becoming darker or lighter. Most have pleasant heart-shaped outlines on their rumps.

The horse search is on. As of tomorrow, a horse currently in training, Willow, is leaving. She takes up an hour or so per day, and once she’s gone, I’ll have more time to search for my new project. I’ve asked Facebook Friends and Website-lovers to point me toward elderly mares or geldings in need of a permanent, loving home. The horse will be used for walk/trot lessons 2-3 hours per week and pony rides about an hour per week (usually less.) We need someone without Navicular or Laminitis; and preferably someone with only a small amount of arthritis. I do not want a tall horse, nor do I wish to have a Warm or Hot-Blooded horse. Otherwise, the field is open. Let the Horse Offerin’ begin. If you know of someone with a horse meeting these criteria, let me know. We can’t afford much; and frankly, prefer a free horse.

Perhaps soon a new horse will raise his or her head in the meadow and follow the hoofbeats. Until then, I’ll be searching.

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